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Meet the artist

Delucce was founded by two young men with a shared vision and passion in photography. They are Fajar Indra Permana and Yudi Nugraha. These two young men were friends in high school and although they weren’t very close, after 8 years of lost contact they met again accidentaly in the world of photography. Eventually, photography brought them together in frequent meets where they shared ideas and views on many things . After seperately working in the photography industry (advertising, magazines, etc), they finally decided to join as partners and created Delucce.

Both love to take photos of people (portraiture). They find comfort in being in the middle of the action, documenting weddings and other special events where they can feel the happiness and family bond in the atmosphere, especially since those are the moments most treasured by the people involved. Indra and Yudi strive to always create alluring photos through their point of view, and they are confident that honesty and joy will bring a more personal and touching result.